Vionic “Stability” Series

A little VFX magic to bring still concepts to life

Armed with two well-developed visual concepts created for print, Vionic approached me wanting to bring these ideas to life in video form. A few elegant, purposeful brushstokes were enough to represent the “light wave” idea in a still image, but figuring out how to animate it provided an interesting technical and aesthetic challenge. We developed a sophisticated 3D particle system in Particular, fine-tuning the velocity and path to give it the right sense of weight, and using camera tracking and lots of rotomatte magic to pin it down to footage. The “biomechanic” concept, illustrating the brand’s sophisticated scientific approach to footwear fit, took on a whole new dimension as it spiraled and articulated in and out of being in video form.

This project blossomed into a series of videos for multiple products, all utilizing subtle variations on the same ideas.